This is where eternity starts for the precious souls who may be hearing the Gospel for the first time in Chiapas Mexico!

The INTERPRETER Scripture Player

You can help To His Glory Ministries take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through His spoken word in their very own language. This unique scripture player known as The INTERPRETER is compact, easy to transport, has a solar panel for easy charging, headphones, and 120-volt charging plugin if necessary. Easy to maneuver buttons lets you go directly to the Feature (Teaching, Music, or Story), and in The Bible go straight to the Book and Chapter. These Scripture players can come loaded with the Old and New Testament along with custom teachings from pastors in their language.

To His Glory Ministries is currently focused on our neighbors in the Southern Mexican State of Chiapas with 20,000 INTERPRETERS in Spanish - serving over 54,000 family members in 453 different communities.  Plus 700 Pastors will be equipped representing 400 surrounding cities and villages.  50 new churches will be planted, over 11,000 will give their lives to Christ.   Imagine house churches gathered around the INTERPRETER with teachings and Bible readings in their language.

According to research, over the course of a year one of these devices will be shared in house churches, classrooms, and assemblies impacting at least 90 people.  20,000 players x 90 = 1.8 million people touched by this one project!

Targeted areas for another missionary who prefers to not be identified for security reasons has asked for INTERPRETERS for Nepal, The Kingdom of Bhutan, and an area in South Asia that speaks Hindi who are hungry for The Truth.  He needs 500 INTERPRETER players for each location.

Thanks to you and the San Antonio Business Community known as the Believers Business League, 100 INTERPRETERS are heading to a missionary near Uganda, Africa in the Sudanese Arabic language where Christian persecution is at all time highs.

You are helping to plant a church using this player with your donation of any amount.  Your gift goes toward the player, accessories, the licensing, the recordings, and the shipping.    The more you can donate, the more lives impacted with the Gospel.

God Bless You for your continued support.  Click to give via PayPal or mail a check/money order to: To His Glory Ministries - PO Box 554, Boerne, TX 78006

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To His Glory Ministries will raise the funds to supply the tools and resources to men and women around the world necessary to reach the unreached with the Gospel ("The Interpreter" Scripture Player, Radio: On-Air and Podcasts). You can be a part of the story with your one time or monthly gift. You will be planting churches and helping the Word be heard in all four corners of the world.


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