June 5, 2020
“So the people continued to testify about Him” John 12:17

“It’s easy to do if you’re going to spread the Gospel.” Coach Val

Sending a Bible to a people group is not a new idea, but to send The New Testament on a solar powered player that also contains children’s Bible stories and music in Spanish will be a treasured gift to 20,000 children in Chiapas, Mexico.

The Interpreter
“The Interpreter” – 80 hours of The Word plus childrens stories and songs in Spanish.

“This is something that has never been done before” says Brad Cornell, Host of To His Glory Ministries Radio Show and Podcast. “And praise the Lord, Coach Val (Pastor John Valenzuela of My Church SA) agreed to come in and record these precious stories for this project.” Stories include “Creation”, “The First Christmas”, “The First Easter”, and a special salvation message for the whole family.

According to Faith Comes By Hearing, one player will touch 90 different people in a year. With this project for the Harvest Evangelist Association in Chiapas, over a million souls could hear the Gospel.

Chiapas Children open their backpacks at Christmas
Chiapas Children open their backpacks at Christmas

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